Since 2003, NEAS has made rapid progress in strengthening both its institutional arrangements and its technical capacity.

Key achievements of NEAS include:

• Establishment of an administrative structure, with the federal as well as all regional assessment centers now both fully functional and staffed;

• Completion of four cycles of Assessment on a large scale i.e. in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. The Report for NAT-2014 was launched on 3rd September, 2015 in Islamabad.

• Intensive capacity building efforts, with technical staff provided access to both international degree programs and in-country training, the latter conducted by the World Bank Institute in partnership with NEAS and the World Bank;

• Successful completion of all planned assessments, including the baseline surveys that establish standard benchmarks against which future trends in student learning will be measured;

• Initial results for levels of student learning in Grade IV and VIII that provide insight into key weakness in the current system;

• Improvement in quality of item writing (tests of student competency), instrument design, data collection and sampling procedures, and coverage of the curriculum which leads to improvement in the overall quality of the assessment;

• Regular dissemination of test results to key stakeholders so that the findings can be incorporated in reform of policy and procedures;

• Development of a communication strategy which includes the re-launch of a website and Facebook page;


• Partnership agreements with other education institutions, such as the Institution of Education and Research (IER) Punjab and the Federal College of Education, to strengthen training and development of key technical skills in the assessment system;

• Development of Item Bank software which will be of great help in future.

• PC-I for Pakistan's participation in Trends in International Math and Science Study; TIMSS-2019 has been approved.

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