Data Compilation

Data Compilation Mechanism

The data compilation mechanism of the National Educational Management Information System (NEMIS) revolves around the collaboration between EMIS units at the provincial and regional levels. These units are responsible for the collection, compilation, analysis, and dissemination of education statistics and data within their respective jurisdictions. The process begins with the district EMIS cells conducting an annual school census to gather relevant information.

Once the data is collected at the district level, it is transmitted to the EMIS units at the provincial or regional level. These units serve as the intermediaries between the district-level data and NEMIS, playing a pivotal role in consolidating the information at the national level.

NEMIS assumes a coordination role in addressing critical issues and challenges that arise during the data compilation process. One of the primary responsibilities of NEMIS is to ensure comparability across questionnaires used for data collection, standardized statistical terminologies, and the fulfilment of data requirements for the development of core educational indicators. NEMIS also addresses any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the collected data, ensuring its reliability and validity.

Additionally, NEMIS recognizes the importance of capturing data from private schools, as their inclusion provides a more comprehensive picture of the education sector. Efforts are made to overcome any hurdles related to the availability of data from private schools, thus enabling a more accurate representation of the education landscape.

Timeliness is another crucial aspect of data compilation. NEMIS places a strong emphasis on ensuring the timely availability of data, allowing for prompt analysis and informed decision-making.

Through its coordination role, NEMIS facilitates effective data compilation by addressing challenges, ensuring data compatibility and reliability, and promoting comprehensive and timely availability of education statistics. By streamlining this process, NEMIS contributes to the development of an accurate and up-to-date national education database, supporting evidence-based policy formulation and monitoring of educational initiatives.


NEMIS Working Hierarchy

NEMIS Hierarchy