Regular Roster
  • Collection, integration, publication and dissemination of Pakistan Education Statistics
  • Coordination with provinces/regions through Coordination-Com and Technical-Com
  • Provision of data to national and international agencies e.g. Economic Survey, UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS) etc
  • Preparation of District Profiles, Time Series Analysis, and various other reports
  • Computation and dissemination of MDG/EFA/SDG-4 indicators
  • Continuous improvement in software for data entry, analysis and reporting
  • Providing technical support to Provincial/Regional EMISs
  • Computer Training/Literacy: Provides computer literacy and high level training to participants of different packages
  • Advisory/Consultancy Services

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Performance Indicators






NEMIS Publication

Pakistan Educations Statistics Reports (No.) Flagship report






NEMIS Activities

Emergency Response to NCOC

During COVID-19 pandemic, NEMIS was declared focal organization to collect and report education related data to NCOC. The data was used for better monitoring of COVID-19 SOPs implementation as well as monitoring and reporting

Strategy Paper for Mainstreaming of Out of School Children (OOSC) In Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)


National Investment Case on Out of School Children: In 2022, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training in consultation with Provincial education departments took initiative to develop a national investment case for abatement of OOSC across the country. NEMIS team conducted multiple meetings with Benazir Income Support Program for sharing of data on OOSC as well as prioritizing the strategies to mainstream and monitor OOSC.

Data Collection and Reporting for educational facilities affected with Floods

During recent Flood NEMIS was declared focal organization to collect and report data on flood affected educational facilities. NEMIS collected all the data from stakeholders and devised the future requirements of learning materials, temporary learning centers, and required financial resources.

Technical Committee (TechCOM) & Coordination Committee (CoordCOM) Meetings for Finalization of EMIS database

Data collection/ School Census activities in the province/region for the years 2019-20 and 2020-21 were delayed due to schools’ closure in COVID-19 pandemic.



Collection & Consolidation of National EMIS Database

NEMIS Collect yearly data of more than 60 organization data in single national database format

Data Reported to UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS)

NEMIS Report yearly data to UIS in Internationally comparable format

Data provided to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (BPS)

NEMIS yearly provide education related data to PBS in their provided template

Data provided to Finance Division

NEMIS yearly provided education related data to Finance Division for inclusion of Economic Survey of Pakistan

Provide Education related data to Stakeholders

NEMIS time to time provide education related data to MoFE&PT and Other Stockholders on need based request

Establishment of National SDG-4 Benchmarks

In 2022, Prepared SDG-4 benchmarks for 2025 & 2030 for UIS

SDG-4 Gap analysis report

In 2022, Prepare draft National and provisional SDG-4 analysis report


Capacity Building on SDG-4 (Virtual Training Workshop)

In 2022, UIS organized the workshop for NEMIS Team on Capacity Building on SDG-4

Capacity Building of NFE Providers on NFEMIS

NEMIS in collaboration with JICA conducted 2 days training workshop on Non-Formal EMIS to NFE Providers of Islamabad Capital Territory. The training will not only help the stakeholders in their operational management as well as contribute towards minimizing the data gaps and timeliness.

Note:  Data collection/ School Census activities in the province/region for the years 2019-20 and 2020-21 were delayed due to schools’ closure in COVID-19 pandemic.  However, NEMIS consolidated education data for the year 2019-20 and 20201 and prepared Pakistan Education Statistics 2019-20 and 2020-21 concurrently.