National Educational Management Information System (NEMIS)

The National Educational Management Information System (NEMIS) has been an integral part of Pakistan's education landscape since 1993. Its primary objective is to consolidate and collate education statistics, establishing a comprehensive national education database. NEMIS plays a vital role in setting standards for enhancing the quality of education data while providing essential technical support to provincial Educational Management Information Systems (EMISs). This support aims to strengthen their capacity to generate and maintain accurate education data.

Our relentless efforts have been focused on achieving several key targets. First and foremost, we strive to maintain a databank of high-quality education data, ensuring its reliability and relevance. By doing so, we aim to reduce data gaps and improve the overall accuracy and completeness of educational information. Additionally, NEMIS is dedicated to providing technical assistance to provinces and regions, fostering their capabilities in utilizing data effectively for policy and decision-making purposes.

Moreover, NEMIS helps ensure consistency and compatibility across various educational institutions and systems. By establishing these benchmarks, we enable seamless data integration and facilitate the exchange of information among different stakeholders in the education sector. Furthermore, NEMIS is committed to enhancing the expertise of EMIS professionals and education managers, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilize education data for planning and monitoring educational initiatives.


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