Dr. Muhammad Shahid Soroya , Director General (PIE)



Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) is the premier education research and information offering institute of eminence and erudition under the auspices of Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Government of Pakistan. It is a matter of eclectic pleasure and honor to head such an organization of high eminence. Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) has a very pivotal and decisive role in facilitating informed decision making by the policy makers and managers of education in Pakistan and abroad.

The institution has the statutory responsibility to provide reliable and accurate data to the national and international organizations and strive for continuous professional development of managers and honorable teachers. I am sanguine that Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) will transform into a dynamic and delivering organization with optimal level of service delivery.

In its restructured manifestation, our endeavor will be to take this organization to the highest levels of professionalism and worthy of recognition at national and international level to convene access, quality, good governance and equity in education sector. I am sure that with sustained progress Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) will emerge as a maverick institution.

Dr. Muhammad Shahid Soroya

Director General (PIE)